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Monday, August 2, 2010


Determine whether your teen’s needs and The Teen Life Coach’s services are a match
with a complimentary 15 minute teen life coaching session!

The teen years are a hard place to be. Okay, your mom and dad are still paying for your Hollister clothes and your i-phone. So that’s pretty sweet. But in exchange, you’re supposed to…
…be respectful when you’re feeling mad
…work for good grades when you’d rather be on Facebook
and the worst,
…let your parents know where you are at all times,
when what you want more than anything is some privacy and freedom!

Teens face weighty decisions every day: Do I skip class with my friends, even though there’s a test? Should I go to that keg party? What’ll happen if I go with him to his house? They may still live under mom and dad’s roof, but developmentally, teens are striving for self-sufficiency. To whom do they turn for sound and trustworthy guidance? Their peers? Their overburdened teachers?

Some lucky teenagers have a reliable “outside” adult in their lives—a coach, a spiritual mentor—with whom they can talk about the real stuff; the stuff that no way will they bring up with mom and dad. For those still searching for a cool mentor, there’s me: Cyndy Drew Etler, Teen Life Coach.

I connect well with all teenagers, but my favorites are the “challenging” kids: I used to be a "bad" kid myself. In my 10+ years of teaching and life-coaching in alternative schools, I have encountered very few issues I haven’t personally lived through. Kids sense this, and thus, a trust-based, mutually respectful relationship can be built.

Once I have that with a teen—a trusting, respectful rapport—then the miracles begin.

You would be amazed at what can be accomplished
with three simple ingredients:
1) Trust
2) Non-judgmental listening
3) Logical advice, broken down and justified

If you have concerns about your adolescent, and haven’t found that just right solution, read on.
And invite your child to check out my For Teens page.
Perhaps I can offer both of you the support and solutions you need.

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